"Oakshield has managed the sale of more than 150 Australian businesses"




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Norman Emanouel

Founded in 1999, Oakshield's motto is "Wisdom Creating Wealth & Protection".  In fact, the very name, Oakshield, is about strength and protection.

Norman Emanouel, the principal of Oakshield, worked with BF Goodrich Tyres in Iran before coming to Australia.  Within 10 years he rose to prominence in the Australian business community through his financial stewardship role with, first, Pacific Dunlop and then, Century Batteries, which Norman took to the position of a multinational,  globalised Australian business.  

He also spent four years in England, working with the Exide Group, purchased from Chloride Batteries, in  a merger in 1989.  

His credentials in the Australian business community are well respected, especially by those in the banking community who know what he brings to his client businesses.

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Since its inception, Oakshield has managed the sale of more than 150 Australian businesses, each time improving the value and marketability of those businesses with judicious advice and a far-sighted perception of the direction and worth of the business.

There is a misconception in the marketplace that the owner knows their business best.  In fact, it is often more sensible to have a skilled outsider look at it with fresh eyes, to see what's wrong, and especially what's right with a business, before it goes on the market.

Oakshield take the time to look carefully at your business before listing it for sale.  If we consider it's not going to yield the best possible value for you, the vendor, then we will usually advise you take the time and guidance to strengthen or modify your business practices and direction.  

We do this to put you and the business in a better position, before we take it to the market.


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