"it's time for the sacred cows to leave the temple."




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Your Part

When you've made the decision to sell your business there are a few things you'll need to do, to ensure you obtain the best price; and obtain the best long-term result*.

Firstly, take away the emotional aspect of the sale, by looking dispassionately, as a buyer would, at your business.  Like it or not, there are probably a number of things you are doing, or related to the image and messages you send, that are peculiar to your business... sacred cows, if you will.

These things will mean little or nothing to a buyer, who will almost certainly want to change some aspects of the culture you have built up over time.

We're not talking about the relationships you have with customers. It's more the attitudes and the things you keep hidden from public view.  We're not saying these things are deliberate or peculiar to you, or even something to be ashamed about.  They're just aspects of your business's culture that have developed over time and become an entrenched part of the business.  You may hear them referred to as "That's the way we do things around here."

In particular, it's the financial practices that may have been allowed to creep into the business. They're not a deal-killer but we've seen enough businesses to know they can do considerable damage to potential buyers' perceptions.

If you are serious about selling then it's time for the sacred cows to leave the temple.

*(We also seek to ensure you don't leave yourself open to the risk of litigation for misrepresentation... this is an increasingly common problem in today's Australian business climate.)

Our Part

We will, after an initial meeting at your premises, ask you to come to our office, to sit down and work with us to create an effective strategic campaign to take your business to market.  

Selling a business is not like selling a house... a lot of the business's value is tied up in how your customers and suppliers percieve your business to be; how it meets their needs or expectations.  getting that right is where we can help you identify and perhaps modify your business's practices and marketing strategies, to maximise that aspect of its value.

We also ask for a commitment on your part, to work with us and to also agree to follow our recommendations, in order to present the best possible scenario of which your business is capable.  It is only through this commitment that will be able to maximise your exit strategy potential.

It is very rare indeed that we come across a business that is ready to take immediately to sale.  There is almost always something that can be done to improve things for the better.

At Oakshield we look at your past performance but we also give you the tools to best present your future, performance.  It's an approach that, sadly, is missing from the repertoire of some business brokers.

We know that we can be responsible for our actions and integrity and that we can stand on our reputation with our clients.

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