"We treat your business as though it were our own business"




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What Is Business Advisory?

Oakshield established its Business Advisory Section to provide specialist support to growth companies.

Our consultants are primarily focused on building value for our client companies. We get to know you, the business owner, as well as your business, and treat it as though it were our own business that we are preparing for sale.

We concentrate on Management methods; Marketing, Coaching, Business Planning and Business Expansion Strategies.

We know what it's like to be in business ourselves. We've been there, each of us at Oakshield, a number of times... worrying at 3:00am; Dealing with staff issues, marketing budgets and cashflows and trying to keep the bank manager happy whilst juggling workloads to meet customer demands.  

When you engage Oakshield in an advisory capacity, you're in business for yourself, but no longer by yourself.

Getting It Right

We establish your needs as well as your likes and dislikes and we seek to understand your business before we do anything else.  Gone are the days where business brokers could just “pump and dump” client businesses. 

Getting the people right; getting the marketing right; getting the revenue:costs ratio right and especially getting the attitude right are the most important contributions you can make to the value of your business.

We're a professional group of business advisors who have the luxury of looking at your business from a distance, rather than being pressed up tight against the coalface.  

We're often able to see the things you might miss in the hurly-burly of day-to-day business, or to step into a critical role for a short time, to steady the ship.

That’s the Oakshield difference!





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