"Oakshield has the capability to quickly insert key individuals"




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Team development

Oakshield will assist investors to source, reward and monitor hand-picked management teams with specific domain knowledge and expertise to execute on the investment strategy for particular business investments.

This is important, particularly for those clever  investors whose industry knowledge may be sufficient for them to see the business is a bargain and who can understand enough to run the business.

Sometimes this is the case, but they simply lack the necessary specialist knowledge, whether that knowledge is of the operating region, client base or technology to cover all aspects of the business themselves, from the outset.

Putting a good team around yourself is a smart strategy.

Staff Selection & Placement

In addition, Oakshield has the capability to quickly insert key individuals to assist with problem solving across a broad range of functions i.e. Finance, Accounting, Operations Management, Sales & Marketing.

In almost every business in which people engage, there is a level of skill or knowledge that determines the difference between good results and great results.

It may be only a few percentage points of difference but it is often critical to the quality of the final outcome you achieve.

Talk to Oakshield about your needs, rather than placing your faith in some employment agency whose primary agenda is charging you 6 months' salary for a candidate whose suitability is uncertain.


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