"The aim of Oakshield is to develop a business, if possible, to a higher level of value or functionality"

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The Entrepreneurial Vision

"Entrepreneur" is a word much used in today's media and often misunderstood, in both the wider public and the business and perhaps media communities. The most common definition of the word is:

"Someone who owns a business or businesses, taking on financial risk in doing so"

The original, French definition was: 

"one who undertakes an enterprise, especially a contractor, acting as intermediatory between capital and labour"

Both of those definitions are valid for Oakshied.  We take a role in matching capital to labour and we often assume some level of financial risk in taking a stake or interest in a business.

The aim of Oakshield is to develop a business, if possible, to a higher level of value or functionality, by application of expertise or capital or through proper planning of an exit stategy for the vendor or an entry strategy for the investor.

It's a skill honed by many years of practice.


What About The Opportunities?

We take an interest in those investment opportunities that are likely to yield a high return for investors... first we establish through a process of due diligence and of research whether the investment opportunity is likely to continue to yield value for some time to come (stability).  

After that we examine the potential capital growth (sale value) and finally the potential for short-medium term revenue generation (viability).

If an investment ticks all of those boxes then, and only then, will we consider it.  Many years of experience have gone into the process of development of our decision-making rubric (our set of criteria for performance and value recognition).  

It's not something we rush.  It's a process we diligently apply, when assessing an investment opportunity.

We have several property investment opportunities in train at the moment, as well as a number of active and passive business opportunities.

Talk to us about your requirements, whether as investor or as borrower.  We may have a strategy we can tailor to your needs.


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