"Our approach... to yield more than 8% per annum."




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Why Property?

There are many ways to invest and to make money, regardless of how the economy is going.  However, there are a couple that stand out, consistently, over the years:

Devloping a good, profitable business and tending it carefully is one of the most effective ways to develop wealth, if you choose the correct business.

Property is one of the surest, safest ways to invest and, done properly, can be one of the most lucrative investments you will ever make.  In fact, practically every great fortune ever amassed and retained was done so through property investment.

Combining the two is the best strategy we have come across, as it gives you a place to invest profits in a vehicle that consolidates and improves the value of those invested profits, in the longer term.

Australia is a world leader in home ownership, yet it trails behind many of the more mature investment markets when it comes to owning income-producing property investments.

To the right is a current list of the property developments owned by our associated entities, along with a few of the features and benefits of each development.  Central Queensland Properties is our sister company.

Most of our wealthy (high net worth) clients are property investors, some of them in the housing developments we have brought to the market.  Our focus has been in the Central Queensland region, where a strong underlying economy has been further buoyed by Queensland's mining and energy boom.

Our approach to investment property is one developed through long experiance.  We regard 5% return as the absolute minimum acceptable yield you should receive from property.  In this regard, we have sought a place and a product line to yield more than 8% per annum.

Each member of our team is a fully qualified real estate agent.

Property Development

Central Queensland Properties

Central Queensland Properties is a property development entity we set up to handle our involvement in the booming Central Qld market.  

A client came to us looking to divest his existing electrical contracting business as he was feeling the pinch from a property project he was developing and which was selling quite slowly.  

Oakshield took a closer look at his situation and concluded he needed to change the marketing channels through which he was selling, as they were ineffective.

Oakshield opted, on the strength of its due diligence, to invest in the property project, freeing up the cashflow in the client's  electrical business, which has since gone from strength to strength.  

As part of the deal, the original investor retains a shareholding in the estate, reaping benefits from each sale, as they settle.

Not surprisingly, the client has become an advocate for Oakshield.

Why Gracemere?

Take a look at the map below.  Gracemere is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the Bowen Basin boom.










LillyPilly Gardens

Invest in a gated, resort-style community of 46 air-conditioned, 3 bed / 2 bath, luxury townhouses in one of Australia's fastest growing regions. With an onsite manager, pool, clubhouse and services pacakages designed to improve your yield, we know this development works well.  Rents for furnished units, of $600/week, are the norm, with some attaining $800/week with weekly linen and maintenance services.  Priced from $353,500 per townhouse.

City Views 

Similar to Chatterton Park, City Views is located next door to Chatterton.  We have created a range of housing designs specifically to leverage the demand for residential accommodation in the Rockhampton-Gladstone area.

Most are 4 bed / 4 bath designs.  With a $20,000 furnitre package and low maintenance landscape design package, they yield $600-700 per week, consistently.  Pricing is from $352,000 to $435,000.  

See the map below, for our Precinct Plan Packages, where we market a group of between 3 and 15 properties to a single investor. Interest in the concept as been high, with three people each taking 15 at a time.



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