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Back our Winners' Circle

Oakshield specialises in creating opportunities to back hand picked management teams with exciting growth plans. Every now and again we come across truly exceptional,  far-sighted entrepreneurs who decide to work with us to create and fund rapid growth stories.

Following examples are:

  • Industrial Services. We have helped one client create a fantastic return in just twelve months by carefully selecting two complimentary businesses for him to acquire and merge. A little over a year and much hard work later the owner is being approached by trade buyers willing to pay twice the price paid, earning a handsome return on investment.

    As an alternative, he is also considering committing to further acquisitions to take the business even further.


  • We have a second client who purchased an industrial contracting business earlier this year through Oakshield who has subsequently retained us to help plan and fund further acquisitions.


Back your own skills and judgment

For top class managers looking to find their way into business ownership we have a range of hands-on investment opportunities which involve taking an initial minority stake, leading the business and acquiring the balance of ownership over time.

This is sometimes the best way to take ownership of a business, adopting a "suck it and see" approach, rather than jumping in, boots and all, and finding out you're not really cut out for it.

We're not saying you can't be successful at business.  However, there are a legion of stories of people retiring from jobs in which they were effective and secure, taking their retirement savings and putting them into businesses where they find they are out of their depth.

Many of these people become franchise operators, taking on faith the promises of the  franchisor, only to find they've bought a job and a whole lot more stress than they imagined possible.

At Oakshield we try to be a little more discriminating, about matching up your skills and capital with a business suited to you.


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