"Oakshield gives investors the chance to back hand-picked management teams"




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Our Philosophy

We don't just sell businesses. We also take the time to liaise with financiers, lenders and investors.  We invest our time and money into relationships with other stakeholders and sometimes invest directly in businesses, with a view to improving the viability and value of those businesses.

Partnering with Oakshield also gives investors the chance to select and back hand-picked management teams with exciting plans for growth.

Strong businesses are based on strong teams of people, under good leadership.



Strong Relationships

In addition, we have developed a series of partnerships within the investment banking and private equity communities. These resources can be made available to our clients to assist in delivering the most profitable outcome.

We have fostered these relationships, with lenders and private equity financiers, over a long period.  They have developed a relationship of trust with us, so we ensure the clients we recommend to them are of the highest standard and capability.

Talk to us about how we can help you in this regard, and what commitment each party must make, to the process.


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