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John Fisher
Modern Floorcovering Service Pty Ltd

June 2012

The flooring business is one of the most competitive in Australia, with a wide range of competitors and the growing DIY sector taking its toll on many smaller operators. 

Our floorcovering  business, Modern Floorcovering Service Pty Ltd, was a medium-sized player in the market with a strong client base and large, fully-owned premises.   We were “doing OK” within the definitions the industry was accepting at the time.

When we decided to sell it was a difficult decision.  By chance, someone had recommended Oakshield, who already had some substantial experience in the purchase and sale of flooring businesses, both retail and wholesale.   Selling a floorcovering business is not as easy as it sounds, as many stores are franchised and buyers tend to stay within a franchise chain.

Norman, with his vast experience in both marketing and operation of all types of  businesses both large and small, assessed the real value of our business.  We sat down with him and learned what the business was really worth.  Like any business owner or parent, we were able to see past the few shortcomings of our “baby”.

Over the next 6-9 months, in regular consultation with Oakshield, we cleaned up the premises, maximised the value of existing stock by selling down the “hangers-on”, improved profitability and went through a rigorous process of preparation for sale.  The results, when the contract was signed, were worth it. 

If there’s one thing I would recommend you do when you decide to sell your business, it would be to make a call to Oakshield. Norm's frankness, and real understanding of current economics, is a very refreshing approach to the business environment of today.


Yours Sincerely,

John Fisher
Modern Floorcovering Service Pty Ltd


Lewis Thomas, Director
Abbey Aluminium

12 June 2012

To Whom it may Concern
Dear Sir / Madam,
re: Oakshield Business Broking and Norman Emanouel
My initial contact with Oakshield was through an existing Business Associate who wanted me to jointly purchase Abbey Aluminium with him. Abbey Aluminium was listed with Oakshield, who had prepared the initial sales materials & information package.
When my associate declined to proceed with the deal, Norman Emanouel was able to give me the confidence to proceed with the purchase on my own. 
The business was fundamentally sound despite running everything on manual paper-based systems, so I bought it and set about modernising it, with advice from Norman.
First step was to computerise the accounting and stock management systems, along with sales, ordering and just about everything else the business was doing.
I am now in my second year of operating the business, and although there has been a significant downturn in the building industry, I feel we are well placed to enjoy rising returns as confidence in all sectors returns.
My interactions with Oakshield were always handled by them with integrity and honesty.
I am also aware that Norman and Oakshield are available to consult at any time should I feel the need for an unbiased assessment or for mentoring from an impartial advocate. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Oakshield’s services.
Yours faithfully,

Abbey Aluminium
Lewis Thomas

Ray Deppeler

Parts Overnight Group
June 2012


In the seven years since I first engaged Oakshield to act on my behalf I have found them to be particularly helpful. 

Norman Emanouel and Oakshield together form a highly professional operation with an intrinsic feel for the best way to build, acquire or divest a business.  Norman has helped me to go from strength to strength in my chosen field and is currently assisting with the consolidation of more businesses in the same sector, as I develop my operations towards turnover and profitability targets we have set for the business. 

His steady influence and hard-earned wisdom would be of benefit to any business owner looking to grow their business larger or to develop its value prior to sale.  He can see through the fog of accounting methods and numbers more clearly than anyone else I’ve ever met.

I have considerable faith in Norman as a business advisor and count him among my most valuable associates.

I am only too happy to recommend Norman and Oakshield to any prospective business buyer or seller or to any business owner.



Ray Deppeler
Managing Director
Parts Overnight Group of Companies


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