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Who is Oakshield?

Our track record bears testament to our expertise across a broad range of industry sectors.

This success is a direct outgrowth of the rare set of skills and experience Oakshield can bring to bear on the issue of selling your business for the best possible price.

Take a look at the list below, to understand a small part of the list of achievments we have wrought for our vendors, in past sales.

Some of the names you will recognise; others are quiet achievers who have carved out a successful niche in the Australian market.

Who's Behind the Hype?

When you engage a broker to sell your business, you've only their word as to who they are and what they've achieved.

At Oakshield we're perfectly happy for you to talk to our clients, past and present, to see if we stack up. Visit the Testimonials page and see what they've said.

If you still want more of an insight, we'll put you in touch with them and you can find out for yourself.

We know we're doing right things.  It's an intrinsic part of how we approach business and how we conduct ourselves, whether in coaching, sales, financing or property development.



Industrial Services

The Industrial Services sector is an exciting area of growth, particularly in the dynamic Queensland economy and with more businesses and even governments routinely outsourcing non-core activities to specialist service providers.  Oakshield has recently negotiated the sale of a number of specialist contracting businesses including Langfield IndustriesPrecision Pipes and Cables and MPI Contracting.

We currently have clients keen to acquire these types of businesses, so, if you are thinking of selling let us know.  In particular, we are looking for businesses that would be a good fit for a commercial fitout and office relocation business.


Automotive Aftermarket

Oakshield has also sold a number of both retail and wholesale automotive aftermarket parts businesses. We have long experience in the automotive accessories and supply chain and can advise you on the best way to position your business for sale.  Tyre retailers and distribution agencies are one area where we excel.  Quite a number of franchise operators in the retail automotive supply sector have engaged Oakshield in the past, to handle growth and divestment matters.


Floor Coverings

No brokering company has done as much for one industry as Oakshield has done for the floor coverings industry in Australia. With over 25 businesses sold… totalling $60 million in sales in the last 3-4 years.  The range of businesses we have sold ranges from those doing $1 million turnover right through to businesses turning over $15 million a year.  Oakshield clients include Carpet Choice, Andersen's and a number of other household names in the industry.

This industry is represented by a number of major franchise groups and a solid leavening of strong independent stores. It is currently undergoing significant change and rationalisation. Many stores are working to raise their profile, presentation and expertise to ensure optimum professionalism and results. This is also attracting new people to the industry, usually looking to buy a well-run, professional business.  If you are in the retail or wholesale floorcovering sector then there is probably no brokerage firm in Australia with a better understanding of, or expertise in, your business.



Oakshield has had a very successful track record selling businesses in the retail and manufacturing furniture industries. With numerous businesses sold in the last two years, Oakshield has become a major player within the industry. When selling a business, knowledge is of paramount importance, and with this solid experience we are ready to appraise and sell your furniture business.

Mining Services

Our successes in the mining services and drilling industry are salutary, with one Oakshield client business in particular going through a process of growing from three to over thirty drilling rigs and 15 staff to almost 300 staff, in just five years.  

Not bad for a business that the owner wanted to sell for less than $10 million when we were first approached.  This was a result of a close working and business coaching relationship between Oakshield and the owner.  You could say we know a bit about drilling, earthmoving and mine services, to the extent some other brokers refer drilling and mine services businesses to us, to sell, in recognition of our expertise.



Electrical Service

Rising energy costs and the increasing sophistication of the electrical supply and consumption marketplace has meant a wave of technological innovation has swept through the Electrical Services industry in recent years.

For many businesses in the field this has meant having to decide whether to specialise in a niche market or grow to service the burgeoning array of devices, applications and technology coming into the market on an almost daily basis.

Our expertise in the field comes from long experience, particularly that of one of our partners, who bought and consolidated five businesses through Oakshield over a number of years, before selling and coming on board as our specialist engineering and technology adviser.

If you have an existing business in the solar technology, or electrical maintenance and power mangement industries, we'd like to talk to you.  Even if you weren't considering selling, we may have a ready buyer for your business.



Low Volume Capital Goods Manufacture

Competing on the world stage in manufacturing and marketing those manufactures profitably, has to be one of the hardest areas in which to succeed in Australia’s business climate. 

Talk to us about our experience in the field before making a decision to sell your business.  Norman’s experience with Pacific Dunlop, Century Batteries and Exide Batteries gives him a unique insight into the field, and at a level few business owners will ever approach.


Printer and Office Equipment Parts and Servicing

Our client in this field is on the grow and constantly on the lookout  for merger and acquisition opportunities.  With 4 acquisitions already completed, they are looking to triple their volume and turnover in the next three years.  They have asked us to find 3 to 5 more complementary businesses in related industry sectors over the next three years.  Please contact us if you would like to know what your business is worth and whether it might be a suitable merger partner for our client's operations.

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