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More Than Just Business Brokers

We consider ourselves to be a little different to the usual business broker.  We look at business from outside the square.
We will diagnose your business, compare it against the industry as a whole and immediately start providing you, the owner, with some practical steps to increase the performance of your business, to improve sale value.
The prescription provided doesn't need to be extensive or expensive but should be simple and practical.
Our business philosophy encompasses the total package. The core aim of our business is for us to add value and enhance the value of your business and provide an exit strategy that would ultimately see the best possible outcome for you, as the vendor.

What makes Oakshield unique?

When you call about your business you can think of us as a business doctor. If you wish to use our services we can give you a diagnosis of your business as it currently stands and will provide you with the one or more of the following four options.
Option 1

To transact or sell your business by preparing it for sale and presenting it to the market in the most professional manner possible.

Option 2

If the diagnosis indicates that having us work with you in your business for a period of time may be beneficial then we can do that.  We may be able to improve the business and obtain much greater value for you.  If that is the case then we recommend the process of sale be delayed for a period of time, to allow us to work alongside you, to improve your business.

Option 3

Alternately, it may be to your benefit to engage us and become one of our business coaching clients.  In that case we would meet with you on a regular basis to assist you and your management team to get you to a level that would optimise your exit strategy and realise a higher price and better outcome for you.
Option 4

It may be possible that your business has a lot more undeveloped potential that could mean it should not be sold.  It may also be possible that we can apply our marketing and management skills or even venture capital into your business to grow it further and then collectively exit to optimise the benefit for all concerned.
Why Choose Oakshield?
For Owners - advisory services to increase value through rapid growth
For Sellers - a top class broking team of industry specialists
For Buyers - a long term relationship dedicated to building value


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