"At every stage we will look to you for feedback"


At Oakshield we believe that unrealised potential is a resource to be tapped and developed.  That there are so many businesses out there that could be so much more... realise so much more value and potential for their owners is an indictment of the education and information systems available to business owners.

It's not something we are happy to see and it's not something we willingly allow our clients to endure, if we have any sort of relationship with them.

Of course, we can only offer suggestions to our clients.  It's up to them to take the next step in the process.

However, if your business is still doing the same things in the same way, ten years from now, then it's not really got much of a future, in our experience.

The Process

Our first contact and meeting with you will be a step in a process of getting to know you; know your business; understand your motivations and plans and beginning to get a grasp of your way of doing business.

It will not be a pressure sell to list your business with us.  In fact, we may well advise you not to list it for sale until you and we are happy with each other and we've established whether we're going to work together.  After that we may still not list it, as you might agree it is advisable to develop some aspect of the business further, to improve its value.

At every stage of our brokerage process we will look to you for feedback, as to whether your expectations are being met and to ensure we pass on any information to you that is relevant to your divestment process.


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